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For more information on how we use your "Personal Information," view our Privacy Notice here.
However, we would like to explain more about the different types of cookies we utilize and how we use them in more detail below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that store information about your visit to the website, such as the date, time, the link clicked, and the page visited, by saving it to your computer device and/or communication device accessed, such as a notebook, tablet, or smartphone. Cookies may collect your personal information to enhance your experience using the online services. It will remember the unique language and customize the user information according to your needs, including the services you are interested in. Cookies are also used to measure traffic to online services, personalize your content based on your previous and current browsing behavior, and may be for advertising purposes.

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How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to record your visits. This information will be used to help us improve our website. To facilitate the speed of operating our website, and in some cases, we need a third party to help us do so, which may require Internet Protocol Addresses (IP Addresses) and Statistical Analysis Cookies as well as linking information and processing for marketing purposes.
We use two types of cookies on our websites:

  • Session Cookies: A temporary cookie to remember you during your visit to our website will be deleted from your computer or device when you leave the website or close the web browser.
  • Persistent Cookie: A cookie that will last for a specified period or until you delete it. These cookies allow our website to remember you and your settings when you return to use the website again. This will help you access our website's services more conveniently and quickly.

What purpose do we use cookies for?

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are required for the operation of our website. By disabling these types of cookies, you will be unable to use our website properly.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies help us understand user interactions using our website. Including which pages or areas of the website are popular, as well as other data analysis. We also utilize this information to improve the website's functionality and understand user behavior. By disabling these types of cookies, we will not be able to determine the number of visitors to our website. And unable to evaluate our service quality.
  • Functional Cookies: These cookies help our website remember your preferences and provide additional content to suit your experience. By disabling these types of cookies, the website may not function properly.

How do you manage cookies?

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, you can decline or delete cookies on the settings page of the browser you are using.

Please note that disabling cookies on your browser or device may affect the performance of some parts of our website. When you visit our website, it may not perform properly, and you may notice a reduced functionality.